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Wetpour Resin Remover Solvent - 5kg

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A specially formulated solvent that will soften and swell cured epoxy resins, allowing their removal from most surfaces. Read More
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A small trail area should be used before applying the solvent to the complete area.  The solvent should then be applied using a brush and when applied will start to attack the coating lifting it from the surface, after which the softened material should be
promptly rinsed off with deionised water. This method should be repeated until the required area is clean. The resin solvent contains dichloromethane so care must be taken when using this material. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional

Penetration time varies according to the type of resin and hardener, degree of cure, and nature of additives: however, 24 hours per ¼” (6mm) thickness is a good
working guide. After the encapsulation has been completely penetrated by the solvent, it will soften and swell. It may then be peeled off with gloved hands or suitable tools.

Health & Safety

Anyone handling the solvent should protect the eyes against splashes by wearing safety glasses or goggles. If inadequate precautions should allow solvent to reach the eyes, copious rinsing with fresh water should be carried out immediately and continued for not less than 15 minutes, after which examination by a doctor is advisable. Skin contact also should be avoided: polythene gloves are recommended. On account of the halogenated material in the solvent remover, workers in an atmosphere containing  vapours must be instructed to refrain from smoking. In the event of an abnormal increase in the concentration of the vapour in the workroom atmosphere - e.g., through accidental process spillage - anyone showing signs of drowsiness as a result of this should be removed to a fresh-air zone immediately and first-aid measures should be applied as indicated in the  Safety Data Sheet.


Storage & Shelf Life

Comes within the Highly Flammable Liquids Regulations 1972 and the Petroleum Consolidated Act 1928.

Material stored in the original unopened containers in a dry condition between -10 to +40 will have a shelf life of at least two years from the date of purchase. Once used the containers must be kept sealed


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