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Maintenance and Inspection Services


Maintenance and Inspection ServicesNot only can we provide quality playground and outdoor fitness equipment and a first-class, reliable spare parts service, but we also have a dedicated maintenance team to give you a complete service using our employed maintenance engineers and in-house support team.

Our professional team of qualified maintenance engineers have a wealth of knowledge of all manufacturer's equipment, types of safety surfacing, nets, gates and fencing.

We also offer an inspection service, carried out by RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) qualified engineers who check that all equipment complies with the British & European Standards of BS EN1176 & EN 1177 for Commercial Playgrounds and BS EN16630 for Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

Our maintenance services cover:

  • Swing seats, chains, shackles and bushes
  • Replacing decayed timbers
  • Replacements of ropes and nets
  • Wetpour patching and edge repairs
  • Gate springs and buffers
  • Cableway re-tension



Visual Routine InspectionsTypes of Inspection

Visual Routine Inspections

These can be carried out by your ground maintenance staff member. We recommend they attend a playground visual inspection training course first. The inspections consist of a simple visual check to ensure your equipment is safe. These inspections should be recorded, with all found hazards reported for further action.

Operational Inspections

These look at the condition of the equipment in more detail, providing a quality control check on the more regular inspections and identifying wear and tear on the equipment.

Such inspections should be conducted by an appropriately trained staff member or by a suitably qualified specialist and should be recorded. These inspections should occur every quarter at a minimum. Online Playgrounds can carry out these inspections for you. All reporting is managed via our unique web-based playground inspection software, providing easy access to all relevant site information.

Annual Inspections

To be carried out by an independent specialist not connected with the playground operator or owner. Essentially, it looks at vandalism, wear and tear, long-term structural problems, standards compliance and design, and risk assessment. This report covers the overall safety of the playground.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Play Area need to be inspected?

  • The European Standard for Playground Safety, BS EN1176 recommends regular inspections as part of a planned inspection schedule.

How often should inspections be carried out?

  • It is good practice that a schedule of visual inspections occurs regularly, as well as more in-depth Monthly/Quarterly Operational Inspections and an Annual Inspection. The frequency of visual and operational inspections will vary depending on the location, type of equipment and usage.
  • Visual inspections are usually carried out by your own trained grounds staff. Operational and Annual inspections are carried out by qualified independent inspectors, this is because more detail is required, along with a full written report containing photographs, location details, equipment and surroundings. A risk assessment is often also included.

Can I carry out a Playground inspection myself?

  • Yes, you can carry out visual-level inspections yourself. We recommend you attend a playground visual inspection training course before you attempt this. Operational and Annual inspections must be carried out by an RPII-certified person.

Do you inspect/repair any manufacturer’s equipment?

  • We are qualified to inspect and repair any manufacturer’s equipment.

Can you undertake repairs or supply the parts?

  • Yes, all our Operational Inspection reports are followed by a no-obligation quotation for the works identified. This work can be undertaken on a supply and install basis or parts only.

Can you provide me with a quotation for repairs following an inspection by another company?

  • Yes, we can, assuming the report contains good-quality photographs showing the work that needs to be completed. Where this is not possible, we can arrange for a Maintenance Technician to attend the site to identify the parts which need replacing.

Can safety surfacing be repaired?

  • Online Playgrounds has a dedicated team of maintenance engineers to repair all types of surfacing, from Safagrass to rubber mulch, loose fill surfaces such as sand and bark through to rubber wetpour and tiles.

Our equipment has no manufacturer's identification on it - can you still help?

  • Of course, with a collective 140 years of experience within our business, we are familiar with most manufacturers' equipment. We hold a library of historic pictures and catalogues dating back over 30 years, which assists our team in identifying the date and manufacturer of almost any equipment. Unfortunately. we sometimes come across equipment where the manufacturer has ceased to trade or cannot be identified. These situations can still be resolved wherever possible, but not in all cases. However, we will always do our best to provide you with an alternative solution.

Call us today on 01354 699482 or email to discuss your maintenance and inspection requirements.