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Explore Steel Trim Trail Polo Trail

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The Polo Trail is one of the low maintenance trim trails which is part of the Explore Series. Our O-shaped course gives you a selectiion of our balance equipment.  It has the shape of a circle, which is ideal for a game of tag.

When children are balancing on the course and playing games such as tag their cerebellum is exercised.  The cerebellum controls the muscle strength used when children, for example, hold a pen on lift a glass of water.  A game of tag also improves spatial awareness, as they constantly keep an eye on the catcher.


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  • Surfacing Perimeter 0lm Surfacing Perimeter 0lm
  • Safagrass Mats 0 Safagrass Mats 0
  • Safety Surface Area 0m² Safety Surface Area 0m²
  • Fall Height 0.0m Fall Height 0.0m
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