With the summer holidays nearly here, now is the perfect time to start looking at refreshing your playground ready for the start of the new school year in September. Refreshing school playgrounds is a great way of working with the equipment and furniture you currently have installed while also making improvements to ensure that the playground is updated when children return to school. 

To help you refresh your school playground here are some low cost ideas on how to rejuvenate your play area:  

Inspect and repair playground equipment

The summer holidays are the perfect time to do a thorough inspection of your school playground equipment. It gives you the opportunity to look at each individual piece of playground equipment and fully inspect them to look for any damages, no matter how small. This is a great time to repair all playground equipment as it gives you time to source the right spares for your equipment to ensure that all your equipment is fully safe for children to use when they return to school. Repairing small damages to equipment correctly will help to keep costs low in the long run as it prolongs the life of the equipment, meaning that it will not need to be replaced as quickly as an equipment that isn’t regularly inspected and repaired. 

Replace safety surfacing

If your safety surfacing has become damaged or a little worn, replacing it is a great way of refreshing your playground. Choosing a new colour or material will instantly give your playground a new look and make the area more attractive and refreshed. There are a wide range of safety surfacing products available that come in a number of different styles, colours and materials to suit all types of playground environments and budgets.

Repaint furniture and fencing

Outdoor furniture and fencing can start to look worn after a year of harsh weather conditions. A great low cost way of refreshing your playgrounds is to repaint or re-varnish your outdoor furniture and fencing. This instantly brightens your play area and makes it look more appealing and rejuvenated for the new school year. As well as this, painting and varnishing furniture and fencing can be easily done during the summer holidays when the warm weather ensures it dries quickly. To give your playground a bit of a revamp you can choose to repaint fencing and furniture new bright colours that will create a whole new look to your outdoor play area and will be particularly attractive to younger children. 

Add outdoor furniture

Adding new outdoor furniture, such as litter bins and fencing, is an easy and low cost way of refreshing your playground. There is an extensive range of outdoor furniture to choose from, including themed furniture and bright colours, which can instantly make playgrounds look more fun and appealing, especially for younger children. As well as this outdoor furniture such as seating or planters can be easily incorporated into your existing playground equipment and are normally simple to install and require minimum maintenance.