At Online Playgrounds we offer a wide range of play equipment that is ideal for creating your own outdoor play area in the privacy of your garden. Garden outdoor play areas are a fantastic way of enabling children to gain all the benefits of outdoor play in the safety of your home environment and at any time they want. With lots of benefits to installing garden play equipment it is easy to see why it is so popular, however it is also vital that you ensure your equipment remains safe to use to prevent accidents and injuries.

Here are our tips for keeping your garden play equipment safe for your children to use:

Install the correct safety equipment

When a school or public authority installs outdoor play equipment they have to ensure that the equipment includes the right safety measures, such as safety surfacing, so that it is safe for children to use. It is also important to ensure that the play equipment in your garden also has the right safety measures. If you’ve already got play equipment in your garden, evaluate whether or not children can fall from the equipment and if so ensure that safety surfacing is installed around it to keep children safe. As well as this, ensure that the play equipment is suitable for the age of the children using it, otherwise it could result in unnecessary accidents and injuries happening.

Regularly inspect the equipment

It is important to regularly inspect your garden play equipment to make sure no damage has happened that will impact the safety of using it. Inspecting your equipment simply means thoroughly looking over the play equipment to look for any small or large damage that has taken place. It is important to note the small damages, as these can quickly result into a larger one, which will make the equipment unsafe for children to use. Ideally you should try to check your garden equipment about once a month, even if it is not being used regularly as weather conditions can cause damage. 

Repair all damage quickly

If you do find any damage during your inspections it is vital that these are repaired as quickly as possible. Not only can small damages quickly become bigger issues, but even a small seemingly insignificant damage could result in the equipment being unsafe for children to use. Most minor repairs can be carried out by those with basic DIY experience, however if the damage looks significant then a professional should be hired to fix the equipment. 

Source reliable repair spares

Along with making sure that repairs are carried out by the right person, it is also important to ensure that spare parts are sourced from reputable companies and are suitable repair spares for the equipment that is being repaired. At Online Playgrounds we offer a wide range of spare parts for play equipment that can be used for domestic play equipment and which we ensure is of a high quality and includes a reliable and efficient service.