Whether you are designing a new play area or already have your playground equipment installed, making the area look attractive is essential when encouraging children to use the equipment.

An attractive play area will not only look more inviting but will encourage children using the equipment to take more care and consideration while playing, helping to ensure that the equipment lasts longer without needing to be repaired to replaced. If you are looking to make your existing play area look more attractive, or are in the planning stages of creating a new play area, these tips will help.

Proper surfacing
Choosing the right surfacing for your equipment is vital. While safety is the paramount concern when choosing the right surface for your play area; most playground equipment companies now also provide a wide range of colours and styles to help you choose the right design for your play area’s overall look. Surfacing options can vary from natural bark to Grasslok Mats, many of which are easy to replace when they become worn down by constant use. At Online Playgrounds we provide a wide range of replacement surfacing products, making it easier for you to maintain the area.  

Litter bins
Having enough litter bins around your play area is essential for ensuring that it remains clean and tidy. There are a variety shapes, sizes and styles of bins available that makes it easy for you to choose the right one to match your playground’s design. By investing in enough bins for the size of your play area will mean that they will not have to be constantly emptied due to overfilling.

Keep equipment maintained
Constant use and harsh weather conditions means that over time playground equipment will need to be repaired and maintained. To keep your equipment looking good, as well as to ensure that it remains safe to use, it is important to constantly inspect your equipment so that you are aware of any damages as soon as they happen. As well as this, constant inspections will mean that you are able to source spares quickly when they are needed.   

Adding new equipment
When adding new equipment to your play area it is important to make sure that it complements your existing equipment. This means that it needs to add an extra dimension to your play area, for example introduce a climbing frame if all your existing equipment are swings and slides. As well as this, the new equipment should fit in with the existing style of your play area, this is especially important if it has a theme, otherwise the new equipment will look out of place.

Practical considerations
Although it is important to make the play area look attractive, practical considerations need to be taken into account when creating a play area. Making sure that you choose age appropriate playground equipment is essential, along with ensuring that all safety precautions are put in place. Along with this, having adequate fencing that protects the play area from unauthorised access, while also ensuring that children stay within the area, is a vital requirement for most play areas.