Whether your play area is on private property or in a public space, ensuring that you add the right furniture is essential for making it attractive and comfortable for users. As well as this, the right furniture will make the area safer for children to use.

If you are unsure of which furniture is right for you to add, here are some of the key ones that will enhance your play area.

Comfortable and accessible seating
One of the basic requirements for play areas is comfortable and accessible seating. This not only provides children a place to rest from playing, but also give adults somewhere they can relax while their children play.

Benches are the ideal seating for play areas as they can sit multiple people without taking up too much room, as well as being comfortable. Wooden benches are the traditional seating of choice for play areas, however metal benches can look modern and wear well in all types of weather.

Bins and dog litter bins
Along with providing seating, having bins scattered around play areas is vital. Children will often have snacks with them when playing so providing bins establishes good habits of throwing away their empty packets and wrappers. As well as this, having bins around your play area helps to keep the space clear of rubbish making it a safer environment for children to play.

Along with rubbish bins, public play areas also benefit from dog litter bins. This will make it as convenient as possible for dog owners to clear up after their dog and help to keep the play area free from dog mess that children can easily step in when running around.

Attractive and secure fencing
Fencing is often overlooked when designing a play area, however it is a great way of adding colour and character to the space. As well as this, fencing helps to make the play area safer as it prevents small children from running out of the area. Along with keeping children inside, fencing can also control who enters the play area and help to keep those who shouldn’t be there outside.

Shelter from rain and sun
With our unpredictable weather, offering shelter in play areas is a good way of keeping children dry during a sudden downpour. Alternatively, shelters can also protect children from the strong midday sun during summer months. There are numerous sizes and types of shelters available that are specifically designed for play areas and which can provide shelter for both children and adults.

Maintain your furniture
Once you’ve installed your furniture keeping it well maintained is a priority. Wooden furniture, such as benches and fences, will need to be varnished and painted from time to time. As well as this, regularly inspecting your play area furniture for any repairs that need to be carried out will ensure that the furniture remains in a good condition. At Online Playgrounds we provide a wide range of spares, from bolts and screws to gate repair kits, which are ideal for when your play area needs to be repaired quickly.