Installing new playground equipment can be expensive and as school budgets tighten it is becoming more difficult for schools to justify spending money on new equipment. With childhood obesity still a concern, plus more public green space being sold for development, it is more important than ever to ensure that there is enough equipment and space for children to be active during their school breaks. So while budgets are getting tighter the need for new playground equipment is as strong as ever. This means that it has never been more important for schools to look for ways of installing new playground equipment while also keeping costs lows.

We’ve put together these tips to help keep costs low when installing new playground equipment while on a tight budget.

Install good quality equipment

It might seem counterproductive to install good quality playground equipment, which is often more expensive than its low quality counterpart, but investing more in the initial outlay will help to keep costs low in the long term. Exposure to all weather conditions, combined with constant daily use means that playground equipment is vulnerable to damage. Low quality equipment can quickly become damaged and if not constantly repaired will become unsafe for use in a short amount of time. Even though high quality equipment is more expensive the materials that the equipment is made from is designed and manufactured to last, meaning that the equipment will be able to withstand constant use a lot better and is less likely to become damaged, even over a long period of time.

Think long term

A key consideration to take into account when keeping costs low is the long term. Not only does this refer the longevity of the playground equipment you install, but also building up a playground over time. If you are building a new playground from scratch, think about how much equipment you need to initially install and then put a plan in place about how to gradually add further equipment over time. This will help you to spread out the cost of installing new playground equipment over years and makes it more affordable.

Choose equipment with a purpose

Another way of keeping the cost of new playground equipment low is to only choose equipment that has a purpose and which will be popular with children. Multi play units are often popular as they provide a wide variety of activities within one piece of equipment. Also think about the age group of children using the equipment and ensure that all playground equipment installed is both suitable for that age group and which will appeal to them, as installing equipment that is not used will be a waste of money.

Ensure the equipment is installed correctly

Simply making sure the equipment is installed correctly will help to save money in the long term. Equipment that is not installed well will easily become damaged and could be unsafe for children to use, however if the equipment is installed correctly it will help to ensure the longevity of the equipment. Usually it is better for professionals to initially install the equipment and usually the manufacturer will be able to advise on how the equipment should be installed.

Keep your equipment well maintained

Once the equipment is installed ensuring it is well maintained will help to prevent it from becoming damaged and will help to make it last. Regularly inspecting the equipment, along with making sure all repairs are carried out quickly using quality playground spares will ensure that the equipment remains well maintained and prolong the life of the equipment.