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Childrens Playground Black Rubber Tiles Safety Tiles In Various Thicknesses.

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Our range of safety tested playground rubber tiles have been designed and manufactured to cushion falls as well as give a slip resistant surface finish. Supplied in 1m x 1m sizes in various thickness's

All tiles are delivered on a pallet

Simply select the depth required from the drop down box.

Product Code: W14
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Our safety surfacing tiles are made from recycled rubber. The shreds are graded then bonded with a polyurethane resin at a high temperature under pressure to form a 1m square safety tile which is easy to lay onto a prepared concrete or tarmac sub base.

All tiles should be glued with ST1 Tile Adhesive. 1 Bottle contains suffiecent adhesive to bond 3No  tiles.


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Additional Info

Product CodeW14
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We recommend flush mounted tiles be laid using a concrete edge.  We do not recommend the use of wooden edges as it is difficult to achieve the necessary tight fit required to prevent future gaps.

Excavate the site to a depth of 100mm plus the thickness of the appropriate Playtile.  Allowances should be made for drainage, as a continuously waterlogged site will accelerate the breakdown of the adhesive bond.  MOT Type 1 Road Stones can also be used beneath the 100mm concrete layer for improved drainage.

For domestic use only, Playtiles can be laid on a levelled sand base, although this will not provide a permanent maintenance free base.

The base should be prepared to the size of the calculated Playtile area.  It must, therefore, be level or the Playtiles will have uneven edges which could cause accidents.  Playtiles are moulded to a +/- 1mm thickness tolerance and will measure over 1000mm2 when new. 

It is ESSENTIAL that Playtiles are ‘shoe-horned’ into their prepared base to create a tight fit which will allow the Playtiles to contract during climatic change without leaving gaps.

Before laying Playtiles, ensure the surface is dry, clean and dust free.  Concrete curing specifications should be followed as recommended by the adhesive manufacturer.  However, we suggest that one month should elapse between the laying of concrete or tarmac and the bonding of Playtiles to it.

As the laying of Playtiles commences, it is advisable to lay one row without applying the adhesive to obtain a suitable datum line.  On approaching the equipment, mark and cut around the legs etc, using a sharp trimming knife or jigsaw.  Care should be taken to be as precise as possible as any errors at this stage will escalate as more Playtiles are laid.

 When laying the Playtiles keep pushing them tightly up against each other, ensuring they do not bounce back.  It is important to check the alignment of the Playtile edges and cruciform pattern as you go.


These installations are more likely to suffer from gaps in extreme climatic conditions because they have no supporting edging to hold the Playtiles in the really tight fit required.  However, we recommend that particular attention be applied to the adhesive on ramp edges and corners to prevent lifting and vandalism.  Weights may be placed onto the outer tiles to ensure secure bonding.


  • Prepare the base to the correct size allowing for the shrinkage and expansion of the tiles.
  • Do not lay surface mounted tiles unless absolutely unavoidable.
  • Read our Technical Data Sheets before starting the installation.
  • Concrete should be dry, clean, dust-free and cured.
  • Tiles should never be laid on powdery concrete.
  • New tarmac must be left at least one month allowing it to vapour off.
  • Remove tiles from pallets and lay out on site to acclimatise to local conditions for 12 hours.
  • Tiles must be laid on the same day to ensure conformity of lines. 
  • Take care not to lay coloured Playtiles from different batches together, as there may be some difference in colour.
  • Use the recommended amount of adhesive.
  • Use the adhesive correctly.
  • Ensure 50% of the underside of each tile has adhesive applied to it. 
  • Pay particular attention to a good adhesive bond on the tile edges.
  • Keep kicking, pushing and shoehorning the tiles tightly against each other whilst the adhesive sets.
  • Always wear gloves when laying tiles.
  • If the adhesive comes into contact with skin, wipe off excess with a paper towel, then clean with resin removing cream or hand cleanser – do not use solvents.  Finally, wash with soap and water.
  • Always follow normal site safety procedures to protect yourselves and the public.

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