A Wellcome Break for Staff

The Staff Association at the Wellcome Sanger Institute at Hinxton were looking for ideas to improve the mental health and wellbeing of staff.  They decided to make use of the natural features of the site and add a outdoor gym and fitness trail around the perimeter that blended in with the background of this little used wooded area.  

From an open area with a selection of outdoor gym equipment to the trail through the woods, this is a fun way to keep fit and enjoy your lunch break!

Equipment used in this project was: Balance Beams, Ladder Net Climb, Arm Stretch, Chin Ups, Run & Leap, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Ladder, Gate Climb, Ab Bench, Twister Ski Trainer, Rower and Cross Trainer.  Many of these were installed on Fibrefall resin to ensure year round usage.  Each piece of equipment had custom artwork signs showing how to use it as well as 2 large circuit signs at each end to show where the equipment was.  We finished the project off with timber path edging.