military-training-group-dip-stationOutdoor gyms offer a convenient, free and safe way for people to improve their fitness and health. It is for these reasons that outdoor gyms have grown in popularity over the past few years and can now be seen in many public parks across the country. For many parks these outdoor gyms have helped to revamp the area and increase the number of people using the park, as well as helping locals achieve their fitness goals. If you’re interested in creating an outdoor gym in a public park, here is the key equipment you will need: Upper body workout Upper body workout equipment is a regular staple in many gyms and adding this equipment to outdoor gyms is also a must. Upper body equipment includes Chest Press and Pull-Down, as well as the facility to do pull ups and tricep dips. All these exercises are great for both men and women and help to build stronger upper bodies that make everyday activities such as lifting and carrying items easier. As well as this, these exercises help to tone arms and the upper back, which helps to create a leaner body. Lower body workout Exercises that target the lower body, such as legs and glutes, are ideal for not only toning up these areas but are also high fat burning workouts as well. Leg-Press, exercise bike and surfer are all great leg exercises that enable users to tone up their lower bodies while also burning fat and creating an overall leaner body. As well as this, many lower body exercises, such as the surfer machine, target the core as well, helping users to achieve a toned, flat stomach. Cardio machines Along with weight machines, cardio equipment is a vital part of outdoor gyms. Cardio machines includes the rower, skier, horseback rider and exercise bike. Cardio machines are not just good for burning calories, but also help to improve overall fitness levels and build stronger hearts. Cardio machines specifically designed for outdoor areas are safe to use and are suitable for adults of all ages and abilities. As well as this, cardio machines are one of the most familiar types of exercise equipment so are ideal to those new to outdoor gyms. Fitness trails While traditional outdoor gym equipment such as upper and lower body exercise machines and cardio equipment are vital for creating outdoor gym areas, adult fitness trails add a fun and varied workout option. Adult fitness trails are created by adding a variety of individual equipment, which enables you to have full control over the size of the trail and the type of exercise it enables. Fitness trails are a great way of adding a variety and unique workout options such as balance beams, which tests core strength and balancing abilities and climbing walls that improve upper body strength. Military training equipment Recently military style training has become more popular and is a great addition to public parks. Often military training equipment is easy to install and long-lasting, as well as providing an effective exercise option. This type of equipment is ideal for parks wanting to add a more intense exercise options and is a great way of encouraging group training. Public parks have been evolving in recent years to help tackle the ongoing obesity issue in both adults and children. Installing outdoor gyms in parks help to make them more relevant to locals and is a great way of encouraging people to exercise more and improve their health and fitness levels.