childrens-mushroom-picnic-table-bawbutgh-primary-schoolAlong with the right playground equipment, ensuring you install the right outdoor furniture in your playgrounds will help to make the most use of the space you have available. As well as this, installing practical playground furniture will help to keep the play area safe and clean for children to use. There are a few essential outdoor furniture that every playground needs to have to ensure that it remains a secure and pleasant environment for children. Here we’ve highlighted the furniture that every school playground would benefit from installing. Comfortable seating Having somewhere comfortable and accessible for children to sit is vital for all playgrounds. Whether benches or chairs, children need somewhere where they can rest during their playtime. As well as this, having somewhere to sit encourages children to talk with each other helping to build their social skills and enabling them to make new friends. When installing seating always ensure that it is the right height for the age group of children who will be using the playground. Furthermore, make sure the seating is easily accessible and ideally not in direct sunlight. Fences and gates Fences and gates are essential for ensuring that the play area remains secure. This is especially important for playgrounds with a young children’s age group as it will help to keep children from wandering off away from the play area. As well as this, fences will help to deter those who shouldn’t be in the playground from entering the play area. There are many different types of fences available ranging from bright, colourful and fun themes to natural fencing that will blend into the surroundings. Shades and shelters There are numerous benefits to adding shades and shelters to your playground. One of the key benefits is that they provide somewhere for children play outside even when the weather is wet and miserable. Alternatively they provide shade during summer and prevent children from being over exposed to the sunlight. Another key benefit is that they provide areas for outdoor learning and help to make use of all the available space and provide an extra classroom option for teachers. Bins Bin are a simple addition to playgrounds but important for helping to keep the play area clean. Children will often snack during their playtimes so they need somewhere to dispose of their rubbish easily and quickly. As well as this having accessible bins helps to encourage good environmental habits and helps children to learn to throw away their rubbish when in public areas. Always install bins in easy to reach and accessible places where children can easily spot them and quickly throw their rubbish away. Ideally ensure that they are close to seating areas, but not immediately next to seats as bins during summer often attract wasps and bees. These outdoor furniture are simple additions to playgrounds but can dramatically improve the play environment to make them more secure, attractive and a great place for children to spend their playtimes.