6As the weather gets warmer there is no better time to take your fitness routine outdoors. Even the most ardent gym-goer enjoys exercising outside during summer, while those new to regular exercise find that this is the perfect time to get fit. Whether you are a seasoned fitness fan or new to exercise, there are many benefits to taking your workout outdoors. Increase your happiness Whatever type of exercise you choose to do, being active outdoors is proven to increase your happiness and general wellbeing. Studies have shown that while exercising regularly will help to improve your mental health, making you more relaxed and happy, working out outdoors increases these benefits further. Outdoor workouts enables you to get fresh air and often brings you closer to nature, both of which have been shown to increase creativity and energy levels, while reducing stress levels. Health benefits In recent years we have been constantly warned about the dangers of too much sun exposure, however these warnings do not mean we should not enjoy time outside. Health experts are keen to highlight the fact that we need vitamin D in order to keep our bones and teeth healthy and one of the best, and most natural, ways for us to get vitamin D is our bodies absorbing it from the sun. Exercising outdoors will ensure that you get a good dose of vitamin D, but without putting your health at risk. Lifestyle change If you are looking to change to a healthier lifestyle then exercising outdoors could be the answer. Studies have found that those who take their workout outside are more likely to continue exercising than those who sign up for a gym membership. Often this is because the exercise we chose to do outdoors, for example cycling or sports games, are what we naturally enjoy doing, therefore it is something we look forward to rather than see as a chore. Improve your social life Unlike the gym, which usually involves solo workouts on the treadmill or in the weights room, exercising outdoors often means working out with friends or joining sports teams. This means that outdoor workouts can help to improve your social life, as well as your fitness levels. As well as this, it is proven that the better our social lives and the more genuine friendships we have helps to improve our mental wellbeing. Get the family involved For those with children, exercising outdoors is a great way to get the whole family involved. Head to your local park and there will often be fitness equipment suitable for the whole family. This is a fun and relaxed way to introduce children to the idea of regular exercise, plus it is a great way of getting your whole family fit and healthy. Cost Let’s face it, gym memberships are expensive and with most people needing to watch what they spend, it is often considered a luxury. Exercising outdoors, however, is either free or a lot cheaper alternative. As well as this, with many parks introducing outdoor gym-style equipment, for example chest presses and exercise bikes, it is a great way of getting the benefits of a gym workout for free. Calisthenics workouts Over the last few years Calisthenics exercising has become more and more popular. Calisthenics is exercising using either your own body weight or minimal equipment, again many parks have introduced these facilities to make it easier for Calisthenics enthusiasts to workout. Calisthenics is not only popular with everyday exercisers, but is used by professional athletes and the military to achieve top physical fitness levels.