2An increasing number of public parks are installing outdoor gym equipment to the benefit of both the park and locals who use it. Whereas once outdoor gyms were seen as something unusual and were rarely used when installed, today they are becoming more common and often become one of the busiest areas of parks. If you are thinking of installing outdoor gym equipment in your park but are still undecided, these benefits might help impact your decision: Modernise parks Parks need to offer modern equipment to stay relevant and continue to attract locals to use their facilities. One easy way of keeping parks relevant and modern is by adding gym equipment. Outdoor gym equipment is specifically designed and manufactured to withstand changeable weather conditions, as well as constant use; this means that it is ideal for public parks as it will be able to withstand the wear and tear of public use. Free exercise equipment Offering free exercise equipment will enable those in your area who do not have the money for a gym membership to exercise. Free exercise equipment is also an ideal way of encouraging those who have never worked out before to give it a go. Outdoor gym equipment is designed to be simple and easy to use so that it won’t result in injury even without a personal trainer on hand, meaning that it provides a risk-free way for people to exercise. Mixing cardio and strength The space available in parks means that they are ideal for combining cardio and strength workouts. While cardio can easily be achieved through running or jogging, equipment such as rowers and bikes provide an alternative cardio exercises. Strength training is vital for building muscle and helping to tone-up. Equipment such as leg presses and pull-downs enable people to exercise different areas of the body. Research has shown that combining cardio and strength workouts are the best way to lose weight and build muscle. As well as this, strength training is vital, even for women, as muscle burns more calories than fat – so the more muscle you build the more calories your body will burn naturally even when not exercising. Family friendly Outdoor gym equipment is a great way for parents to encourage their children to exercise. Even if children are too young to use the equipment themselves seeing adults working out in an environment that they are familiar with helps to make this seem like a natural part of daily life. As well as this, outdoor gym equipment in parks is an ideal way for families with older children to get out and exercise together. Durable and resilient Installing quality outdoor gym equipment is vital for public parks as they are bound to get used constantly and, if a poor quality, will easily get damaged. As well as this, outdoor gym equipment needs to be able to withstand rain, snow, wind and heat – as well as being safe to use no matter what the weather.