Are you a school that has not yet allocated your Sports Premium for this year?  You may even have rolled it over from a previous year due to Covid, in which case it needs to be spent by 31st July this year.  Trim trails are a fantastic way to encourage active play during break times and lunch times, and persuade even the least active children to have fun and join in.  To help you get the most for your money Online Playgrounds are offering 10% off any of standard* Trim Trails that are quoted in January 2022.

We have a choice of six fantastic trails to choose from, giving a range of shapes, sizes and activities to suit every budget.

The Mount Aso Trail is ideal for smaller areas, with a range of rope, timber and hdpe activities that provide a challenge, without taking over your playground. The Mayon Trail is suited to Key Stage 1 children with lower level activities and is one of our mid budget trim trails.
The Irazu Trail is one of our most popular trails, with a wide range of simple and more challenging activities.  An example of this trail is shown in the photograph at the beginning of this article. The Hekla Trail is another of our mid range linear trails, providing a range of activities for children.
The Mauna Loa is a cross shaped trail which allows children to enter from all directions. The St Helen's is our top of the range trail, with 15 deifferent activites, it works for all levels of primary school children.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these trim trails then please Contact the office and a member of our team will be able to help you.  All our trim trails are manufactured to order with a lead time of approximately 6 weeks depending on seasonal demand.

*discount does not include individual activities or installation.