Fercell Engineering of Kent have just completed the installation of a new dust extraction and fuel storage facility at our HQ. The new system replaces our old system which was unable to cope with our increase in production and the air flow rates required by our timber moulding line and CNC production. The new system installed within a week included a new 32m3 waste fuel store which automatically feeds into our biomass heating plant, installation of a new extraction fan capable of removing / recycling 12,100m3 of air per hour. The silo acts as our fuel store which enables the biomass plant to run for extended periods when waste is not being produced. Intergraded within the system is a fuel conveyor which provides a uniformed fuel feed rate. This is necessary to obtain uniformed combustion and ensure an efficient level of CO2 in the flue gasses. The new filtration plant is also protected by a Fire Safety System which will automatically close the biomass burner / fuel conveyor down and discharge water via a series of sprinklers when sensors detect abnormal temperatures The investment of £51,000 in our production facility was supported by Grants4Growth local enterprise growth and efficiency programme and has trebled  our capacity to deal with our waste enabling us to expand production to meet our 21% increase in sales in 2014.   DSC_0797 DSC_0822 DSC_0830