Due to vandalism and wear - this skate park in Long Stratton, Norfolk, was unfit for play and purpose. But, following inspection and minimal repair, the park was safe and accessible once again. Galvanised skate ramps like the one shown usually use a skating surface of 6mm skatelite secured by flush fitting pop rivets through the load bearing steel under sheet. FLP undertook a site inspection and proposed a schedule of work to completely refurbish the 1/2 pipe. New Skatelite was machined in our factory and delivered to the site pre-drilled then refitted. New Hexadeck panels were also fitted on the platforms to provide an as new finish. New-Skate-Lite.Web The skatepark could then be reopened for all. Whether it's a small repair or a complete park refurbishment, FLP will be pleased to help. We can even supply materials for fitting by your local maintenance engineer. Find out more about our inspection and maintenance services in the About Us section of this website.