Whether designing a completely new playground or simply refreshing an existing play area, having a theme will help to create unity and ensure that all the playground equipment installed will be used and fit in with your aesthetic. A playground theme can either be a standout theme such as creating a jungle world, or simple be ensuring all playground equipment is made from the same material such as timber. Different themes will suit different playgrounds, here is how to ensure you choose the right theme for your playground. Think about your budget The theme you choose will need to fit within your school’s playground budget. This means that if your school is on a tight budget a theme in which budget friendly playground equipment can be installed will help to ensure you are able to get more equipment for your money. As well as this, if your school is on a tight budget, choosing a theme that will enable you to build up your equipment over the years will help ensure you create your playground within your school budget. Type of school If your school focuses on sports and fitness, then playground equipment that encourages children to be active will be a natural fit for your school. If your school concentrates on the arts then playground equipment that encourages children to be creative will help to reinforce your school’s ethos in the playground. As well as this, take into consideration the type of playground equipment that will help children to perform better in class; for example, if children sit for long sessions in class, installing equipment that helps them to release energy during their breaks will help them to perform better once back in the classroom. Surrounding area Another way of choosing a playground theme is taking into account the surrounding area and what children are familiar with. For schools set in rural locations creating playgrounds with a natural theme will be more familiar to children, while schools in urban areas can experiment with metal materials such as steel playground equipment. Schools wanting children to explore different environments can play around with this; for example, a rural school creating an urban themed playground or a city school creating a natural playground. Age of school children The age of the children using the playground also needs to be taken into account when creating a theme. If your playground is used by children of a young age brightly coloured playground equipment will often be more appealing to this age group; as well as equipment that encourages them to use their imaginations while they play. If older children are using the playground then choosing a theme that is more mature and encourages their independence, as well as incorporating technology if possible, will be more beneficial. The right theme can add a lot to a playground. It can make the play area more attractive and appealing, which encourages children to use the equipment more. As well as this, a playground theme can help you to decide the type of equipment you want to install and help you stay within your school’s playground budget.