multiplay-bridge-poringland-norfolkEncouraging children to be creative is a fundamental part of their development and growth. High creativity levels are seen as a sign of intelligence and enables children to find imaginative solutions to challenges and problems. Play is the perfect opportunity to encourage children to be more creative so using playtime as a way to let children use their imaginations and be creative will not only mean that they can have fun during their breaks, but will also benefit them once they are in the classroom. Here are few simple ways of adding creative play to playgrounds and play areas. Imaginative play equipment One of the easiest ways of adding creative play to playgrounds and outdoor play areas is adding imaginative play equipment. Equipment such as themed multiplay units encourage children to use their imaginations while also having fun and getting exercise. Alternatively, installing play houses is the perfect way to let young children use their imaginations and create their own role plays using the equipment provided. Create a new world Another way of encouraging children to increase their creativity is by providing them with the tools that enables them to create a new world from their imaginations. Again, installing themed playground equipment such as a pirate ship or a castle will provide all the tools they need to create their own worlds that they can use as a basis for their games. Sand and water play Children, especially very young children, learn through play so adding outdoor sand and water tables is a great way of letting children’s creativity come alive with the added freedom of not needing to worry out clearing up any mess made. Sand and water is the perfect play equipment for unleashing children’s creativity as they can experiment with the different textures and the transformation that happens when water and sand are combined. As well as this, children can use the sand and water combination to create pictures and sandcastles. Storytime Installing a set of chairs that can be used for story time or a stage where children can act out plays and scenes is an ideal way of adding creative play to outdoor spaces. These give children a dedicated space in which they can let their imaginations loose and act out their own stories. Children are often natural performers so they will relish the opportunity of having their own stage on which to perform. Natural surroundings Studies have shown that nature increases creativity levels in both children and adults. This means that simply creating a natural environment by planting flowers, trees and having grass areas, will help to improve children’s creativity while they play. As well as this, natural environments are a great way of helping children of all ages to be more positive and helps improve their mental wellbeing; both of which improve children’s creativity levels. Creativity and play often go hand in hand and children often have a natural high level of creativity that they usually just need the right tools and environments in which to unleash and explore.