MPLF26W BOSDesigning a playground takes a lot of thought, planning and consideration. From the original idea to the actual construction of the playground many different factors need to be taken into account, such as age appropriate equipment, safety surfacing and budget. At Fenland Leisure we have used our 21 years of experience in the playground equipment industry to make it easier for our customers to design and build their ideal playground. Over the years we have discovered the main areas to take into consideration when designing a school or nursery playground, these are: Budget Whether you have a large budget or a small one, it is vital that before you start planning your playground you know how much you can spend. This budget should not just include the cost of the equipment, but also take into account installation and extras such as safety surfacing and fencing. Age appropriate equipment Another key factor to take into account is ensuring that you choose age appropriate equipment. While this is usually straight forward, if you are designing a playground for a nursery or school where all the children are of a similar age, it can become more challenging when different age groups need to be taken into consideration. Size of the playground Also factor in the size of the playground. While this might not seem vital, it will in fact determine the type of playground equipment you choose. A full scale adventure trim trail, for example, would be ideal for areas where you have lots of space, while a multi-play tower would be perfect for smaller playgrounds. Children’s safety Ensuring that children remain safe while using the play equipment is paramount. This means making sure that enough space is left between each piece of equipment, fall height is considered, appropriate safety surfacing is chosen and that fencing is included where needed. Fenland’s U-Design service From our experience we know that the entire process of designing and building a playground can be challenging, which is why we have recently launched our U-Design service. This service means that we work closely with you throughout the entire process, taking into consideration your individuals needs and requirements. By using our U-Design service you will be provided with advice and support on key areas of the design process. We will talk you though the key factors you need to take into account and help you overcome any challenges you may face. As well as this, we will help you to design a layout that is aesthetically pleasing but also ensure that the equipment chosen works well together. Our U-Design service follows a clear structure starting from an initial meeting between you and a playground expert at Fenland. During the process we will do full site survey, agree a budget and timescales, discuss ideas and create concept plans, manufacture the equipment and see it through to installation. As well as this we will visit you a year after the final installation for a free site inspection. For more information about our U-Design service or any of our products you can contact us through our contact form or call us on 01354 638 359.