Sundown Festival Multiplay (14)Whether you are looking to add equipment to your current playground or are looking to create a whole new play area; choosing the right equipment to meet your needs requires spending a lot of time researching all the products available. There are many factors you need to consider when choosing the right equipment for your playground, here are some of the key areas you will need to take into account during your research. Your budget Whatever budget size you are working to it will impact on the type and amount of playground equipment you buy. If your budget is small it does not necessarily mean that you should automatically go for the cheapest option available, but it does mean that you should look to get value for money from the equipment you choose. Value for money in this case means how long lasting the product is; keep in mind that the equipment will not only be used frequently but will also have to withstand all types of weather conditions, meaning that that there is no point buying cheap equipment that will only last a couple of years before needing to be replaced. As well as this, safety is of paramount importance no matter what budget you are working to, this means ensuring that the equipment is strong enough to support the weight of the age group it is aimed at, along with being designed and built to high quality standards. Age range Factoring in the age group that will be using the playground equipment is important as it will narrow down the type of products you look for. While this is relatively simple when looking for specific age groups, if you need equipment that appeals to a wide range of ages this can become more challenging. Often purchasing a mixture of products that appeal and are suited to different age groups, but which also work well together is the best option for this. Use of equipment Another important aspect is deciding what you want to gain from your playground equipment. While once playtime was considered a chance to give children a break from the classroom, today it is viewed as something that can achieve so much more. Many playground equipment products offer children the chance to improve their fitness levels, whether it is by traditional sports games or through equipment based activities such as climbing. Alternatively, playground equipment can encourage children’s creativity, through products like play panels and outdoor stages. Space of play area The space you have available will determine the type of products you choose. Larger spaces mean that you can have a larger variety of different products, which is particularly useful if the play area will be used by a number of different age groups. Alternatively, a large play area can mean that you are able to install unique equipment such as fitness trails. Small spaces can restrict the type of equipment you choose, you will not only have to determine the size of the product you choose but also need to take into account factors such as adequate safety space. The look Aesthetics are important and should factor into the design of your play area. If you are adding equipment to pre-existing areas you need to ensure that the new products match and compliment what you already have. If, however, you are designing an area from scratch, you need to decide on the overall look you want to create before narrowing down your search for the type of equipment you are considering buying. Playground surfacing Sometimes overlooked, but playground surfacing is a key consideration to take into account when choosing your playground equipment. The type of surfacing you choose will not only impact on the aesthetics of your play area, but is also an important safety factor. If the equipment you select involves a lot of jumping, especially from heights, you need to choose a surface that has excellent impact capabilities that will break the child’s jump. Another important surfacing consideration is the weather, if changeable weather conditions is a factor then consider opting for a surface that will be able to cope with harsh weather such as Wetpour surfacing. If you would like to know about choosing the right equipment for your playground or would like advice on the products available simply fill in our contact form and we will be able to help you further.