African Adventure Play Area Refurbishment

We were delighted to win the contract to rejuvinate the African Adventure Playground at Cadbury World in Birmingham - especially our play consultant who loves chocolate!

During the school holidays and busy times Cadbury World attracts on average 3000+ visitors per day so this popular and well used play area had started to look tired and had an increasing number of maintenance issues.  After a detailed site survey we came back to them with a comprehensive proposal.

Replacing Rotten Timbers

We replaced or supported 28 posts, some of which were difficult to access.  In some cases this required us to completed dismantle and reassemble the equipment.


Due to the weather, age and high usage the surfacing needed to be completly re done.  All the existing surfacing was removed, we regraded the stone base where needed before laying the new green one to an appropriate depth.

Replacement of Roof Thatching

The original roofs were natural reed material which had worn out over the years.  These were all replaced with combination reed roof tiles which were fully immersed in fire retardant solution to offer addtional protection.

Replacement Nets

We replaced 8 climbing nets that had worn and become unsafe over time.  These were all made in-house to the exact measurements and installed to either new or replacement timbers.

Restaining Timbers

We finished the job off with restaing all the timbers to make them look as good as new.  Over the years the staining had worn out, especially in high wear areas such as ramps and entrances.  This involved taking apart much of equipment and reassembling again after completion.

Additional Play Equipment

To add to the fresh new look of the play area we added some new interactive equipment, particularly for the younger visitors.  This strengthened the safari theming and we hope the play stations and animal and off road rockers prove a big hit!