Spring can bring its own challenges when it comes to maintaining playground equipment. The changeable weather and high rainfall can lead to playground equipment easily becoming damaged and needing to be repaired. To help keep your playground equipment in good condition throughout spring, follow these five tips:

Regular inspections

One of the key ways of keeping your playground equipment well maintained is regular inspections. While you don’t have to do a thorough inspection every week, it is a good idea to have weekly checks to make sure that if the equipment needs any repairs they are carried out quickly and all equipment is safe to use. In spring particular attention needs to equipment that is vulnerable to damage from changeable weather conditions.

Look for water damage

Rainfall is normally high during spring, so it is important to ensure that your playground equipment is free from water damage. It is particularly important to make sure safety surfacing doesn’t become flooded or too slippery or else it won’t provide the sufficient protection children need. Also, it is important that slides and climbing frames don’t become too slippery and remain safe to use.

Paint repair

The spring sunshine can highlight for the first time in the year any paint repairs that need to be made either to playground equipment or playground furniture. It is also the perfect time to check wooden furniture and fences to see if they need to be repaired, re-stained, or re-glossed.

Spring clean

Spring is traditionally the time for a spring clean, where you get rid of the old and start replacing them with new versions. This makes it the best time to carry out a spring clean of your playground and start evaluating your playground equipment to decide which products are getting worn-down and need replacing, which need repairing, and which ones can last a few more years.

Prepare for summer

It won’t be long until summer is here, so this is the best time to start preparing for the warmer weather. Children will need extra protection from the harsh summer sun, so it is important to ensure that shelters are in good condition and to make any repairs necessary. As well as this, now is a good time to start preparing for the summer holidays where playground maintenance can be carried out by sourcing supplies ready for use.